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I attended the University of Idaho on a full ride Scholarship. I earned my degree in Communications. I went on to play in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens 

In 2014 I became a certified personal trainer and started the brand Get Your Mind Right to help empower the Youth through Sports Performance Training. 


I specialize in helping my clients create and obtain their fitness goals. I create customized training programs that are designed to fit each clients fitness needs.

My main focus is to inspire people from all walks of life so they can stay focused and keep Hope. Every fitness level is welcomed to join the lifestyle change. 

NFL clients I have worked with:
Chris Polk (Houston Texas)
Shareece Wright (Houston Texans)
Jimmy Smith (Baltimore Ravens)
Asa Jackson (49ers)
Will Davis (Miami Dolphins)
Korey Toomer (Greenbay Packers)
Jamal Williams (Greenbay Packers)

What are your fitness goals?

The combination of being a voracious reader and using my body as an experiment has led to an unshakable confidence in doing one thing: Getting results



  • Athletic Training

  • Strength Coach

  • Body Building Prep

  • Weight Management

  • Small Group

  • Youth Training. 







Over the years I've won several bodybuilding competitions, have been featured on, and made a few appearances on TV and Film.


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